Areas of investigation

1. Description of new Australian species of Fishes
Most OzFishNet members have taxonomic expertise in selected fish families (more information).

There are many species of Australian fishes currently undescribed. In an OzFishNet initiative, descriptions of 33 new Australian species of fishes were published in July 2004 in the Records of the Australian Museum (Volume 56(2)).

Following on from the successful publication of the above Records of the Australian Museum volume, OzFishNet coordinated the publication of another special volume of fish descriptions in 2006. This volume, published in the Memoirs of Museum Victoria contained 12 papers by 19 authors from Australia, Japan and the USA. Included are descriptions of 15 new species and a new genus (Simipercis) of Australian fishes. In addition, there are world-wide treatments of a genus (Hapalogenys) and a family (Diodontidae).

2. Bioregionalisation of Australia
OzFishNet has been involved in two projects investigating the biogeographical relationships of coastal Australia. Both were done with Commonwealth funding and using information available through the collection databases of OzFishNet partners and examining the literature. Efforts are underway to continue this project with Commonwealth support.

3. Deepwater areas in the Tasman Sea
OzFishNet has recently undertaken an international collaborative biodiversity survey of deepwater areas in the Tasman Sea (NORFANZ). Colleagues from New Zealand and France were involved (more information).

4. Fishes of Australia
A long term goal of OzFishNet is to produce a guide to the estimated 4500 species of fishes occurring in Australian waters.

4. Fishes of Halimeda beds of the GBR
Halimeda beds cover a huge area in the GBR lagoon. A recent trip by Leis et al discovered an habitat of surprising biodiversity.